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BMW DME Testing and Repairs

Various problems in older hard to find OBD-1 DME’s from E30 M3’s, E28 M5’s and E34 M5’s can usually be repaired. Typical problems are weak/no spark, ICV control problems and weak injector pulse. Please send an email with details on the DME and problem for a quotation. Repairs are usually $350 to $450 USD.

For OBD-2 DME’s, it’s more cost effective to just get a used ECU and have it set up for your car.

Porsche DME testing and repairs

Many Porsche DME’s from 1983 to 1989 can be repaired as they are very similar to the BMW DME’s of the same era. I repair spark related issues, plus replace the “Tile” hybrid circuit in 928 cars.

BMW and Mini Footwell FRM Repair

FRM3 modules are repaired within one hour at a price of $245 CAD + HST. This is mainly meant to be for defective FRM3’s in the Toronto area.

BMW Custom Chips

Remote tuning can be performed either with data logs from the street or racetrack, or from data provided while at the dyno. Data from an Innovate LM-2, AIM data logger or a dyno is usable. Remote tuning requires additional equipment such as a Moates Ostrich emulator, Innovate LM-2, or DCAN cable for OBD-2 cars.