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A: All OBD-1 chips should be used with 91 AKI (95 RON) fuel as a minimum and some require 93 AKI (97 RON)
A: Because It’s unknown what the state of an engine, AFM or MAF that is typically 25 to 35 years old is along with the variability between dyno results, no numbers are published but if you have a completely healthy engine you should see torque and horsepower gains that are around 8 to 10%.
A: Typically, you won’t gain TQ and HP just from this one change.  The injectors that the car comes with are all that are required for a stock vehicle.
It’s highly unlikely that you will notice a gain from these mods as they cause a loss of backpressure, which almost always results in a torque loss.    A performance chip with some fueling adjustments can help recapture some of the torque loss from a more free flowing exhaust.
A: It’s so that if you need new injectors, you can use some 17 lb ones from an M50b25 or some 19 lb Mustang injectors which are usually available for a good price.
A: Because over 95% of all sales are to the USA!
A: Yes, various custom chips that were developed are not yet on the website.   Just email with your requirements to find out if something matches your needs.
A:  Every call or email is answered by the owner, Mark D’Sylva.    I aim to respond within 72 hours at most and typically within 48 hours.   If you haven’t received a response in this time, please send another email.
A: Chips are shipped to the USA by USPS trackable Priority Post, and to other countries by a trackable method if available.
A: No, all E.A.T. chips are intended for cars that have a working lambda sensor.
A: No, the E.A.T. chips are only made for the AFM or MAF that the car was sold with, not for any other aftermarket MAF.
A: A chip designed for the cam is recommended for optimal performance.   Without a chip developed for the cam, the engine will not receive enough fuel when the cam starts working and won’t operate as well as it could.
A: Yes, shipping by a trackable method is included in North America  (USPS or Canada Post) and Air mail shipping to most other countries is included.